Drive visitor growth and 

attract high-paying tenants.

Automate operations, strengthen security, and deliver delightful experiences to drive growth and maximize net operating income.


See how successful teams are using SmartSpace AI to drive intelligent decisions and deliver values to tenants and visitors.


Deliver 5-Star experiences.

Drive visitor growth, increase tenant NPS, and decrease operational costs.

Increase NOI by up to 12% with predictive maintenance and janitorial automation.

Build data-driven staff schedules with proprietary visitor traffic predictor.

Increase safety & security in real-time with threat detections.

Track visitor traffic, parking, and sentiment in real-time.


Close bigger deals faster.

Build data-driven lease proposals with visitor and demographic insights to boost profit.

Visualize and maximize lease rates with demographic and footfall heatmaps. 

Land key tenants with data-driven, insight-led offerings.

Reduce tenant churn costs, while increasing leasing rates and property value.

Minimize property downtime with tenant health and footfall tracking.


Reach the right audience, every time.

Access real-time accurate visitor insights and demographics to build impactful campaigns.

Drive marketing activations and sponsorship with data.

Conduct A/B campaign testing with ease.

Measure marketing and event performance in real-time.

Build data-driven strategies to improve tenant marketing efforts.


Increase asset value with powerful insights and real-time intelligence.

Leverage next-generation real estate technology to boost property value.

Improve tenant mix, amenities, and measure response in real-time.

Proactively identify underperforming tenants, properties, and amenities to minimize downtime risk.

Pick the best capital projects with footfall, demographics, and utilization insights.

Analyze property statistics and trends, turning data into investment strategies


Strengthen security and situational awareness with threat detections.

Advanced AI monitors and alerts real-time to reduce liability in real-time.

Minimize response time with real-time threat detection

Reduce security gaps with camera malfunction monitoring

Increase awareness of onsite incidents with emergency vehicle alert

Seamless integration with existing security platforms


Purpose-Built Solution For Shopping Center

Parking Management

Detect and count vehicles, track year, make and models for income demographics as well. 

Smart Operations

Predictive maintenance and janitorial automation with foot traffic and asset utilization insights.

Threat Detection

Detect emergency vehicles, lost child, weapons, and transient with real-time alert and SOP.

Waste Bin Monitoring

Monitor waste bins, so you know they need attention before tenants file tickets.

Utilization and Re-Supply

Track what amenities that tenants use most, automatically restock before supplies run out.

Maintenance Tracking

Track janitorial and maintenance tickets remotely, optimize your queue with time-saving data.

Engagement Analytics

Track navigation flow, people count, and demographic between different zones of the property.

Count Occupancy

Count occupancy across all cameras and the surrounding as well as around specific zones of the property.

Demographic & Sentiment

Detect visitor age range, gender, and emotion as they enter and exit each zone on the property.


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